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American Association of Genitourinary Surgeons

The first urology association

On 16 October 1886, at 1 Park Avenue, New York, several American surgeons with an interest in urology met to found an American society to be devoted to the study of genitourinary and venereal diseases. This initial meeting was the idea of Edward L Keyes Snr of New York (right) who was made temporary Chairman of the organizing committee for the fledgling society.

The first meeting of the new America Association of Genitourinary Surgeons was held at Lakewood New Jersey, on 17 & 18 May 1887. Edward Keyes was made first President. The AAGUS is the oldest urological society.

In 1890, the name of the Society was temporarily changed to “The American Association of Andrology and Syphilology” because many of the papers presented at the meetings were of this nature. In 1892, however, the name of the association reverted to the original one.

The purpose of the Association is to promote the study of diseases of the genitourinary system and the membership is limited in number.

There are 75 active members, academic surgeons who have distinguished themselves in urology. Fellows, Active Members who have reached the age of 65, International Members and Honorary Members are elected, based on outstanding contributions to Urology.

The AAGUS Mallet

The AAGUS mallet (gavel) was presented to the British Clinical Society of Urologists. This Society no longer exists but it may have been a precursor of the Urology Section of the Royal Society of Medicine. The mallet (gavel) is now in the "History of BAUS Room" under "BAUS Paraphernalia".

Click here to see the AAGUS gavel & read about its history ...

Founder Members

The original members of the AAGUS were:

Dr John R Brinton, Philadelphia, PA Dr Edward L Keyes, New York City, NY
Dr John P Bryson, St Louis, MO Dr Claudius H Mastin, Mobile, AL
Dr Arthur T Cabot, Boston, MA Dr Prince A Morrow, New York City, NY
Dr George Chismore, San Francisco, CA Dr Fessenden N Otis, New York City, NY
Dr Algeron S Garnett, Hot Springs, AR Dr Roswell Park, Buffalo, NY
Dr Francis B Greenough, Boston, MA Dr Frank W Rockwell, Brooklyn, NY
Dr Gilbert C Greenway, Hot Springs, AR Dr Nicholas Senn, Chicago, IL
Dr SW Gross, Philadelphia, PA Dr Frederick R Sturgis, New York City, NY
Dr Moses Gunn, Chicago, IL Dr Robert W Taylor, New York City, NY
Dr William H Hingston, Montreal, Canada Dr J William White, Philadelphia, PA 
Dr J Nevins Hyde, Chicago, IL  

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