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Factors Influencing When Urologists Leave Full-Time Practice

In these difficult times, following the advent of COVID 19, one thing of which we can be certain is that at some point you will want to retire from the profession.

Surprisingly, very little is known about the factors that influence UK surgeons' decisions to retire, and this has major potential impacts on workforce planning for the future and, perhaps most importantly, the development of a uniform career structure for urologists approaching retirement.

BAUS and the Department of Psychology at Bournemouth University are collaborating to try and provide a greater understanding of the issues around retirement and would be very grateful if you would answer a questionnaire which can be found here on Survey Monkey.

The survey will take five to 10 minutes to complete, and is relevant for trainees right through to the retired membership. 

The outcome from this survey will be passed back to you when the results are available, probably around the spring of 2021.

Steve Payne - Visiting Professor, Bourneouth University & retired Urological Surgeon
Kevin Turner - Visiting Professor, Bournemouth University & Consultant Urological Surgeon
Amy Kane - Post-graduate Student, Bournemouth University


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