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Urological Equipment and Infrastructure Abroad
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Hospital infrastructure

Effects of hospital facilities on patient outcomes after cancer surgery: an international, prospective, observational study.  Knight SR, Shaw CA, Pius R et al. The Lancet Global Health. 2022 May 24.

Medical devices, donating, disseminating and maintaining

Medical equipment donation in low resource settings: a review of the literature and guidelines for surgery & anaesthesia in low-income and middle-income countries 
Marks IH, Thomas H, Bakhet M et al. BMJ Global Health 2019; 4: 4-9

Disseminating technology in global surgery
Bolton WS, Aruparayil N, Quyn A et al. Br J Surg 2019; 106(2): e34-43

Biomedical equipment technician capacity building using a unique evidence-based curriculum improves healthcare
Malkin RA, Whittle C. J Clin Eng. 2014; 39(1): 37–44

Equipment for essential surgical care in 9 countries across Africa: availability, barriers and need for novel design
Oosting RM, Wauben LSGL, Groen RS et al. Health Technol. 2009; 9: 269–275

Medical devices. Managing the mismatch. An outcome of the priority medical devices project
World Health Organisation (WHO) 2010. Geneva

Uroflowmetry, urodynamics and physiological measurement

Mobile sonouroflowmetry using voiding sound and volume. El Helou E, Naba J, Youssef K et al. Scientific Reports. 2021; 11(1): 11250.

A novel mobile acoustic uroflowmetry: comparison with contemporary uroflowmetry. Lee YJ, Kim MM, Song SH et al. International Neurourology Journal. 2021; 25(2): 150-156.

Comparison between uroflowmetry and sonouroflowmetry in recording of urinary flow in healthy men.  Krhut J, Gärtner M, Sýkora R et al. International Journal of Urology. 2015; 22(8): 761-5.

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