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Transrectal Ultrasound & Prostatic Biopsy

While various modifications such as micro-bubble contrast, histoscanning and modifications to produce a reliable image-guided system for prostate biopsy have been introduced, none of these technologies has yet surpassed the standard TRUS and biopsy. 

MRI scanning continues to improve, and more use of multi-parametric MRI images is seen in present urological practice. At this point, however, there is not sufficient evidence to justify the use of MRI as an image-based biopsy system. Whether this happens in the future depends on good-quality studies, examining the true sensitivity and specificity of MRI, compared with TRUS and biopsy on a patient-by-patient basis.

As a result, TRUS biopsy remains the standard because it is inexpensive, widely available and the procedure is relatively easy to learn. It is also an office-based procedure with ease of access for patients and clinicians alike.

These guidelines will also be made available to the British Association of Urological Nurses.

Download the latest guidelines and recommendations for training in transrectal ultrasound and prostatic biopsy

Guideline Authors

Professor Damian Greene Consultant Urological Surgeon, Sunderland University Hospital
Mr Ased Ali Academic Specialist Registrar, Newcastle University Medical School
Ms Netty Kinsella Prostate Cancer Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Guy's & St Thomas's NHS Foundation Trust
Mr Bruce Turner Nurse Consultant in Urology/Uro-Oncology, Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust



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