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Enhanced Recovery Programme

Guidelines from the BAUS ERP Group

The following information about enhanced recovery pathways (ERPs) is now available, prepared by the BAUS ERP Group and approved by BAUS Council (with a foreword by Mr Mark Speakman, President of BAUS).

General information about ERPs

The The BAUS Enhanced Recovery Pathway (ERP) document has been authored by the BAUS ERP Group and details the specific features of an enhanced pathway programme for minimally-invasive and open urological surgery.

Procedure-specific information for doctors & nurses

These 2-page information sheets give clinical advice on ERPs, and list the drugs required at various stages of the pathway. They can be printed on both sides of a single A4 sheet and stored (or laminated) for use as a reference source in the clinical setting (i.e. primary care, clinic, ward or operating suite):

Pyeloplasty | Nephrectomy | Nephroureterectomy | Radical prostatectomy | Radical cystectomy

Information for patients

The Patient Liaison Groups of three Royal Colleges (Surgeons, Anaesthetists & General Practitioners) have co-operated to produce guidelines to explain the concept of enhanced recovery to potential patients. These are available from the website of the Royal College of Anaesthetists, either as the full version or as a summary document.

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