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Urolink in Low and Middle Income Countries (recommended reading)

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What is different about urology in low-middle income countries?                                                                                                    Payne SR. BJU Int. 2022; 130: 703-704.

Adaptations in models of urological regulation and their application to sub-Saharan Africa                                                      Payne SR, Olatosi J, Mabedi C, Adeyoju A. BJU Int 2022; 130: 712-721.

Establishing a sustainable healthcare environment in low- and middle-income countries
Aslam MZ, Trail M, Cassell AK III, Khan AB, Payne S. BJUI 2022; 129(1): 134-142

Understanding the needs of low-income countries: how urologists can help
Payne SR, Chalwe M. BJUI 2022; 129(1): 9-16

Global urology, Urolink, and the BJUI
Payne SR. BJUI 2022; 129(1): 1-2

Urolink supporting the development of urological services in Hawassa, Ethiopia
Biyani CS, Campain NJ, Moore M, Gobeze A, Teferi GT, MacDonagh R. BJUI 2019; 123(6): 917-920

Global urology: a survey of members of the British Association of Urological Surgeons
Campain NJ, Venn S, Biyani CS, MacDonagh RP, McGrath JS on behalf of BAUS Urolink. J Clin Urol 2016; 9(6): 409-416

Over the horizon - future innovations in global urology
Campain NJ, MacDonagh RP, Mteta KA, McGrath JS on behalf of BAUS Urolink. BJUI 2015; 116(3): 318‐320

Global surgery - how much of the burden is urological?
Campain NJ, MacDonagh RP et al. BJUI 2015; 116(3): 314-316

Urolink – a changing face: learning from experience, responding to change, and rediscovering our roots
McGrath JS, MacDonagh RP. BJUI 2010; 105: 157-159

UROLINK: a model for working together in a changing world
Harrison N. BJUI 2002; 89 (Suppl.1): 1-5

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