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The Value of Working in the Developing World (recommended reading)

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The value of Urolink: an OOPE experience
Teichmann D. Urology News 2019; 23(4): 30-31

Urolink visiting scholarship in urology: a valuable experience for fostering partnership
Savopoulos V. Urology News 2019; 23(4): 38-39

The Lester Eshleman Urology Workshop (Tanzania): a trainee’s perspective
Manjunath A. Urology News 2014; 18 (4)

Surgical training in the developing world 
McGrath JS, Painter D, Payne SR. BMJ 2005; 330: s46–48 

UROLINK - benefits for trainees from both sides 
Gujral S, Nassanga R. BJUI 2002; 89 (Suppl.1): 11-12

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