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Logistics of Working in the Developing World (recommended reading)

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Adaptations in models of urological regulation and their application to sub-Saharan Africa                                                      Payne SR, Olatosi J, Mabedi C, Adeyoju A. BJUI 2022; 130(2): (coming soon)

Understanding cultural and logistical contexts for urologists in low-income countries
Campain N, Mabedi C, Savopoulos V, Payne SR, MacDonagh R. BJUI 2022; 129(1): 273-279

Twinning: the future for sustainable collaboration
MacDonagh R, Jiddawi M, Parry V. BJUI 2002; 89 (Suppl.1): 13-17

Ethical issues of the developing world
Harrison NW, Eshelman JL, Ngugi PM. Br J Urol 1995; 76 (Suppl.2):  93-96

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