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Logistics of Working in the Developing World (recommended reading)

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Challenges facing the urologist in low- and middle-income countries
Metzler I, Bayne D, Chang H et al. World J Urol. 2020; 38(11): 2987-2994 

Volunteering abroad as a doctor
British Medical Association (BMA)

Surgical referral systems in low- and middle-income countries: a review of the evidence
Pittalis C, Brugha R, Gajewski J. PLoS ONE 2019; 14(9): e0223328 

Guidelines for surgeons on establishing projects in low-income countries
Grimes CE, Maraka J, Kingsnorth AN et al. World J Surg. 2013; 37(6): 1203-1207

Human resource and funding constraints for essential surgery in district hospitals in Africa: a retrospective cross-sectional survey
Kruk M E, Wladis A, Mbembati N et al. PLOS Med 2010; 7 (3): e1000242

Broadening your horizons: a guide to taking time out to work and train in developing countries
BMA International Department 2009

International health links: an evaluation of partnerships between health-care organizations in the UK and developing countries
Baguley D, Killeen T, Wright J. Trop Doctor 2006; 36: 149–54

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