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Shekhar Biyani Awarded the John Anderson Medal

We are delighted to announce that Chandra Shekhar Biyani has received the BAUS John Anderson Medal for 2022, for his inspirational work with the Bootcamp concept.

This has had markedly beneficial effects on training at the beginning of the careers of UK-based trainees. Shekhar, who has a Masters in simulation training, has evolved the  concept so that is has become established, and is now delivered locally, by colleagues in a number of venues across Africa.

Shekhar has also helped assist the delivery of virtual simulated training during the COVID-19 pandemic, when face-to-face instruction has been logistically impossible.

The award will be presented to Shekhar at the Welcome Reception, during the BAUS Annual Scientific Meeting in Birmingham UK on 14 June 2022. 

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