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Tourist Attractions & Anatomical Graphics

By Robert Whitaker

Robert Whitaker is a retired Paediatric Urologist from Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge who now teaches clinical anatomy at Cambridge University; he has a special interest in anatomical illustration, as shown in some of these images.

"Selwyn College, Cambridge 2019" (watercolour) ... view full-screen version

... early in 2019, the College gardens flooded and gave me an opportunity to catch the reflections of the chapel and buildings in the flood water"



"Mount Etna, Sicily 1992" (watercolour) ... view full-screen version

... this image of a constantly smouldering Mount Etna was sketched during a break in a meeting of the Italian Urological Society in 1992"



"Queen's College, Cambridge" (watercolour) ... view full-screen version

... This image of Queen’s College from the Backs is a familiar sight for all tourists visiting Cambridge ..."



"Ponte Vecchio, Florence 1989" (watercolour) ... view full-screen version

... the Ponte Vecchio is surely one of the key images in Florence and a tempting challenge for any artist"



"The Renal Vasculature" ... view full-screen version

... what the students need to know about the blood supply and relations of the kidney"



"The Broad Ligament" ... view full-screen version

... the broad ligament is a constant mystery to most students but this image has been constructed to help some of them"



"Renal Cystic Disease" ... view full-screen version

... a basic summary of cystic renal disease for all trainee urologists"



"Vesicoureteric Reflux 1990" (ink & watercolour) ... view full-screen version

... this diagram of severe vesico-ureteral reflux is taken from a little book of “Congenital Anomalies of the Urinary Tract” that was donated to every urologist in the UK in 1990. The occasional copy still turns up but it has been out of print since then"


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