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Sculptures in Stone & Metal

By Malcolm Lucas

Malcolm Lucas retired as a Consultant Urologist in Swansea in 2014 and writes:

"I recently discovered a passion for sculpting, initially in stone and metal, and longed to spend more time pursuing my new obsession and a new life.  I find inspiration in all kinds of art, but am constantly drawn to representing the human form and condition.  I draw a great deal before starting a project  - I find this more useful than photographing a subject because you come to understand its form more intimately this way." 

Bird 2010: mild steel & marble (100 cm) ... view full-screen version

... working with steel is huge fun – there are so many toys to play with – and the effects of joining or bending a piece of metal are immediately sculptural, however unskilful the practitioner ..."


Anita 2015: fired clay (35 cm) ... view full-screen version

... my first attempt to do a bust of someone with youthful features. Wrinkles are easy but pure form requires a more subtle recognition of planes and proportions. Anita was a very funny 16-year-old who posed for us over the course of a week.   She had great artistic talent and I hope very much that we persuaded her to believe in herself and move on to art college ..."



Girl 2017: cold cast bronze (26 cm) ... view full-screen version

... derived from a sculpture by Jacob Epstein. I think it was the wide-eyed innocence that appealed to me, which is not unlike my own grand daughter. ..."



Dancer 2018: cold cast bronze (32 cm) ... view full-screen version

... Degas produced a series of preparatory maquettes for his most famous sculpture; he never intended them to be exhibited.  Based on drawings of these at the Fitzwilliam Museum in 2018, this is my attempt to find the same poise and stretch in a figure ..."



Mother & Child 2018: bronze (11 cm) ... view full-screen version

... I am fascinated by the expression of human emotions in sculptural form, especially when partially abstracted.  This is the first piece I’ve had cast in solid bronze ..."



Despair 2018: plaster of Paris (40 cm) ... view full-screen version

... I suppose that Munch had something to do with this but, actually, it is based on a series of drawings of theatre/dance students who were searching for their own form of expression.  It’s a total experiment with a somewhat ephemeral but very immediate material ..."



John Betjeman 2019: ciment fondu (35 cm) ... view full-screen version

... this is a complete cheat really. There is a fabulous original bronze by Angela Connor at Chatsworth House in Derbyshire which I have, basically, copied here rather too closely. My great mentor and friend, David Thomas, knew Betjeman and greatly enjoyed his company. I wish I had made this for David before he died last year ..."


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