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A History of Urology:

Celsian Method (Apparatus Minor)

Only two instruments needed

Thompson's Lithotrite

Blind surgery for bladder stones

Bistuary Cache

For opening a perineal wound


For dilating the perineal wound

Phillips' Whips

Graduated dilators for strictures

Oberlander Dilator

Similar to today's Otis

Kollmann Dilators

With expanding blades

Lister's Sounds

Lollipop handles & olive tips

Holt Dilator

Aggressive stricture treatment


The history of lithotomy

Urethral Disease

Currently out of print

John Blandy Thanksgiving

St Giles' Cripplegate


60000BC - 3200BC

Magic, spirits & herbs

The Prehistoric Era

60000BC - 3200BC

Ancient Egypt


Bilharzia & stones