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The Travelling President

By Duncan Summerton

Duncan Summerton is a Consultant Urologist in Leicester with a special interest in surgical andrology and genital reconstruction. He has travelled widely, both during his 19 years in the Royal Navy until 2004 and, more recently as BAUS President. He usually takes one of his cameras with him on his travels.

The photographs below were all taken with a Nikon D7000 using either a 28 - 115 mm or prime 50 mm lens.

God Bless: San Francisco ... view full-screen version

... a street scene in San Francisco, from 2009, showing the difference of opinion of the inhabitants ..."


View from a Taxi: Grenada ... view full-screen version

... a vibrant island, photographed from the window of a taxi in a traffic jam ..."



Lighthouse: Cape Cod, Massachusetts ... view full-screen version

... this image, taken from a ferry to Nantucket Island, reminded me of the painting, "The Long Leg" by Edward Hopper ..."



Beach Huts: Southwold, Suffolk ... view full-screen version

... an alternative to the views of pretty beaches and beach huts at Southwold ..."



The Beach: Hunstanton, Norfolk ... view full-screen version

... the symmetrical patterns of these breakwaters looking westwards on Hunstanton beach caught my eye ..."



Trees on a Winter's Day: Rutland ... view full-screen version

... a view on a winters day taken on the way back from a peripheral clinic to base - I usually have a camera somewhere with me ..."



Heat Haze: Wells-next-the-Sea ... view full-screen version

... by zooming in on a hot summer's day, this photo of Wells beach, looking eastwards, gave the appearance of an impressionistic painting ..."



Fishing Net: Luarca, Spain ... view full-screen version

... the light on this close-up of fishing nets in in a Spanish village was interesting ..."


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