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A History of Urology:

Time Corridor

Ancient Egypt


Bilharzia & stones

Arabic Medicine

600BC - 1258

Major work in ophthalmology

The Dark Ages

476 - 1060

Still poorly understood

Medieval Europe

500 - 1500

Galen and the four "humors"

17th Century

1600 - 1699

Harvey to van Leeuwenhoek

18th Century

1700 - 1799

John Hunter & new hospitals

Ancient China

2100BC - 100BC

Re-balancing yin and yang

Ancient Israel

260BC - 100

Hebrew medicine & the Bible


4000BC - 1531BC

A history on cuneiforms

Imperial China

900 - 1800

Taoist & Confucian ideals

Mayan Medicine

1800BC - 900

Religion, ritual & science

Ancient India


Vedas & urethral strictures

Ancient Greece


Hippocrates & his oath

Roman Medicine

753BC - 554

Influenced by Europe & Asia


60000BC - 3200BC

Magic, spirits & herbs

19th Century

1800 - 1899

"The age of agony"

20th Century

1900 - 1999

The emergence of the speciality

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